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Witchpee, known as Morasu (モラス Morasu) in the original Japanese version, is a young witch who is Chivil's older sister.



Senbei's first thought of Witchpee

Her first appearace is in the chapter "Witchy Gone Wild", in which she comes to Penguin Village flying in a fighter and destroying the Norimaki Residence. While in the village, Witchpee falls for a lot of men, beginning with Senbei Norimaki, then Taro Soramame, and finally Kurikinton Soramame.

Witchpee and her brother run after Arale Norimaki and Gatchan with the other Penguin Village residents in the chapter "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!" The siblings also appear in "Cinderella, the Musical".


  • Like Chivil, Witchpee's Japanese name has a urine-related origin, as morasu (漏らす) means "to let leak". This is likely the reason for her name change in the English manga release, in order to convey the joke behind her name.